For working efficiently with the Hauer front loaders and implements, it is crucial to enable a universal applicability of these. With the 3-point adapter for example, implements that have been developed especially for attaching to the 3-point, can be also transported with the front loader. The adapter for the quick change assembly for implements allows attaching implements with different coupling systems.

Adapter SWE

Your front loader is equipped with SWE-B Hauer carriage and you wish to use implements with SWE-Euro carriage as well? It is possible with this adapter. Also vice versa, if you have a quick change assembly with SWE-Euro and implements with SWE-B Hauer need to be attached, this adapter can be used.

Adapter for SWE quick-change assembly for implements

If there is a different mounting system on the front loader and SWE-B Hauer or SWE-Euro on the implement, the adapter for quick change assembly for implements is used.

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Solutions for various other fabricats

Please see our list for an overview of the fabricats which we can offer.

For types not listed, please send us an inquiry.

3-Point-Linkage Quick Change Device

With the 3-point quick change device all front loader implements can be used with the 3-point linkage of the tractor. This device is available for original SWE-B Hauer or SWE-Euro carriage.

3-Point adapter

The 3-point adapter can be used for the attachement and transport of 3-point devices.

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Transport of 3-point devices

If the quick change assembly on the front loader is equipped with SWE-B Hauer or SWE-EURO, 3-point devices with category 2 can be attached and transported by means of the 3-point adapter. Which carriage is existing, has to be specified when ordering. The 3-point adapter may only be used for the transport of 3-point devices.

Load hook

Loads of up to 3,2 to can be easily and quickly picked up with the Hauer load hook.

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Easy refitting

The preparation for mounting the load hook on the quick change assembly of the front loader, is avaible as a standard feature of XB Bionic. Therefore the load hook can be easily refitted with a fastening bolt and a locking pin on the front loader XB Bionic.
With the front loader series POM-R this preparation is not included as a standard. However, there is a complete solution with which the load hook including the mounting fixture can be refitted.

The swivel hook has a swivel range of 360° (endless).

Extension arm for load hook

The extension arm is used together with the Hauer load hook and extends the working area of the front loader.

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Stable form

The Hauer extension arm for load hooks consists of a thick-walled square tube with two drillings for fixing the load hook (at 1500 and 2000 mm).

For an extension to 3000 mm, additionally, a tube for inserting to the extension arm is optionally
available. When the extension tube is at its maximum position, the permitted load is 1000 kg.
This high payload enables to pick up Big-Bags with the extension arm also.

Implement Protection

The implement protection is used to cover the scraping edge of buckets and other implements in order to minimize injury risk in traffic accidents and to improve visibility in traffic.

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Easy width adjustment

The implement protection is easily fixed with two rubber cords. For adjusting the width, the
implement protection consists of two metal profiles, which can be intersected with one
another. Therefore the implement protection can be used with implements with the most
common sizes. Additionally it only needs small storage space.

Good visibility

Warning labels on the implement protection enable good visibility of implements.

The implement protection is available in two different widths.