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Additional lines

To operate a hydraulic implement at the three point linkage e. g. a snow plow or a front mower.

Signal socket 7-pole

For connecting the lighting of a front mounted implement.

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The 7-pin lighting socket on the front lift allows implements to be equipped with lighting to make the transport of implements safer and to compy the legal regulations.

External front linkage control

For easy operation of the front linkage also outside the cab.

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In order to increase the comfort when handling the front linkage, Hauer optionally equips its front linkages in combination with the ELC ergo control unit with an external control unit. Hereby, the front linkage can be operated not only from the cab but also at the front linkage itself. Up to two switches are possible on the front linkage. With one switch the height of the lower links can be adjusted and with the second switch a hydraulic device e.g. a hydraulic upper link can be operated.

SMS shock absorption system

The SMS shock absorption system increases driving comfort and protect the front linkage and the tractor.

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The shock absorption system "SMS" reduces impacts that occur when driving on uneven terrain. It spares front loader, tractor and the driver.
The SMS system can be activated and deactivated with a shut-off valve.
It consists of a nitrogen filled accumulator that are subjected to a pre-set pressure to reduce shocks.

Holder plates for mower relief springs

In the holding plates, the relief springs of a front mower can be hung.

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Nowadays mowers often are equipped with mechanical relief springs. Hauer offers therefor suitable holder plates for the front linkage. These are screwed to the side of the front linkage and have a drilling to mount the springs.


The ground pressure control by Hauer allows a soil-friendly working with better traction.

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Specifically developed for the harsh conditions in winter service, the BDR-2.1 Hauer ground pressure control quickly established itself on the market. The system makes clever use of the hydraulic system and scores on robust mechanics and precision electronics for reliable service day-in, day-out. Better traction and clearly better steering reduce wear on the material and damage to the ground and provide an excellent driver experience and maximum safety. Versatile tractors benefit from the system also outside the winter season when operating toppers or mowers, for example.

The weight percentage to be shifted to the tractor is conveniently set on the digital display screen. The unit stores up to five different implements. Furthermore, operators can vary the percentage flexibly on the move to suit varying conditions. The dial can be retrofitted to existing LS and OC systems. Extra sensors are not required.


The BDR 1.4 ground pressure control system transfers a selectable percentage of the attachment weight to the front axle thereby reducing the load on the attachment. The system is very responsive and the BDR 2.1 offers precision control for excellent performance in the most difficult terrain.