Thanks to their sturdy construction and perfect fit, Hauer underbody protection plate are particularly suitable for practical use. In order to maintain the maintainability of the tractor, special openings, which are closed during normal operation, were designed. The underbody protection plate are available in two versions for tractors up to 250hp.

Underbody protection plate short

The Hauer underbody protection plate short protects only the tractor from below. A protection of attachments mounted on the side of the tractor or a complete fuel tank protection are not available with this underbody protection plate. It extends from the rear axle to the fuel tank and is pulled up about 20cm in front of it.

Underbody protection plate pro

The underbody protection plate pro completely protects the tractor from below and from the side. It also has a complete tank protection. The underbody protection plate pro extends from the rear axle to the front axle or the steering cylinders and is pulled all the way up to the lower edge of the cabin. This guarantees maximum protection in forestry use.