Sales International

We produce and market high-quality machines for agriculture, forestry and communal services, which can only then provide their full benefits, when the sale and assembly is done by qualified specialist companies.

In order to ensure the necessary technical consultation and support by trained specialist personnel, the Hauer brand products are preferably distributed via trained and certified specialist dealers, the Hauer Service- and PremiumPartners, as well as the Hauer RX ServicePartners, and only via agricultural specialist dealers.

Please select your country and region, afterwards our Service- or PremiumPartner. For any questions please contact our responsible Area Sales Manager.

Republic of Korea

MBST Co., Ltd.
Seolseong-Myeon 110 Daejuk-R
+82/31 8011 0707

Other countries

For sales in other regions, please directly contact us:

Contact person at Hauer for dealers
Franz Reisner, Sales Director
+43 664 88544294, email