Adopting the principles of design from Mother Nature proved to be a rewarding approach that takes the hard work out of your daily routine. All moving parts are accommodated inside the boom where they are protected from damage and contamination – a design that not only boosts their lifespan but also saves time spent on servicing and cleaning.


The patented Hauer X-kinematics redefine the state of art in front loader parallel control manufacturing. By redefining the mechanical parallelogram by using diagonal X-kinematics we have been able to integrate the linkages inside the boom, which results in a much tidier and more compact design.

The advantages at a glance

  • Unique, patented construction with a universally applicable, modern design

  • Highest stability given by the construction of the loading arm profile and the double-walled cross beam

  • Optimal protection of the hydraulic components by integration into the loading arm and cross beam

  • Up to 30% more crowding force and quick dumping without using a quick valve by reverse arranged tilting cylinders

  • Wide range of accessories for professional and special applications (Auto lubrication, work lights, camera etc.)

  • Greatest possible view on the working area due to the elimination of the outside parallel motion unit and due to the cross beam positioned at an angle.

Extensive serial equipment

  • Front guard, hydraulic lines to the original control unit, hydraulic hoses, couplings, bracket and screw set to suit the tractor type
  • Quick-change assembly for implements, prepared for load hook, original HAUER or EURO-, SMS- or MX-hooks
  • Modular hydraulic valve block system MCV, protected in the double-walled cross beam profile
  • Double acting lifting cylinders
  • Tilting cylinder - protected by a pressure relief valve
  • Replaceable bronze bearing bushes in all bearing points
  • Shut-off valve in the lifting line
  • Protected hydraulic lines mounted at the lower side of the front loader arm
  • Adjustable level indicator
  • Adjustable parking props, manually operated
  • Implement assistant

More comfort? No Problem

Possible additional equipment:

  • Synchro-Lock multicoupler (also available with integral electric coupler)
  • Up to three extra hydraulic services
  • SMS shock absorber for front loaders - either mechanical or electric
  • Joystick cable remote control valve
  • ELC ergo 2 joystick featuring electric proportional control
  • Swivel hook
  • Hydraulic attachment locking system
  • Hydraulic 14° left/right slewing mechanism, integrated in the quick-coupling carriage
  • Safety package for work cages
  • Auxiliary oil lines to hydromotor or remote function, double-acting 12mm internal diameter,
    left or right
  • Custom paint finish of boom and brackets
  • V-mirrors (Switzerland)
  • Camera-ready
  • Camera
  • Automatic lubrication
  • LED lights
  • Cross beam guard for forestry work

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