Bild: Viticulture accessories


To be prepared for any use in viticulture, Hauer offers the right accessories. Whether it is an electronic proportional control unit for perfect operation of the implements, front linkages for attaching implements or a gate valve for regulating and distributing the oil quantity.

Gate valve

The gate valve is used for different applications in viticulture. One example is the use of a foliage cutter. With using a gate valve, the speed of the foliage cutter can be regulated.

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The valve consists of an input and output element. The input element comprises a flow divider and a main pressure relief valve.
The output element serves as the pressure carry over line.

The feeding line from the pump is connected to the input element and flow divider. This has a dial on which you control the flow rate as required. Depending on the selected position of the dial, the oil flows at the chosen rate through the pressure carry over line to the consumer while the excessive oil is returned through the return line to the tank. The flow divider is activated either by a solenoid after the operator presses a button on the ELC ergo or electrically by pressing a switch.

The Electrical control valve ELC ergo with sensitive response characteristics and intuitive handling is ideally suited for professional work.

Compact design, large ground clearance and rugged design characterize the Hauer fornt linkage series FS-4.

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The front linkage FS-4 from Hauer is the ideal linkage for all sizes. With its robust construction, it offers more lifting power, flexibility and universal usibility.

Rugged design

  • Rugged premium-quality steel weldment
  • Beefy lower links
  • Massive threaded assemblies and pins
  • Long attachment parts reach up to the clutch housing

Outstanding lift forces

Massive lift cylinders develop lift powers of 1800kg, 2800kg or 4800kg depending on specification.

Generous ground clearence

Generous ground clearance that is unobstructed by the linkage and its attachments is key in field and forest work. This applies in particular when using base bearers (see large photo) which distribute heavy loads across the tractor thereby protecting also the tractor from damage.

Pivoting range and turning angle

Using advanced 3D technology, we design our linkages so they won’t interfere with the tractor’s turning angle and pivoting range. This means the special features of your tractor are not impaired.

Front loaders

  • Carefully designed, our linkages are fully compatible with our front-end loader brackets
  • The sloping lower links are close to the tractor
  • For smooth loader operation

Coupling plate

Our FS-4 28 / 48 linkages come either with massive bolts or locking pins that allow operators to remove the linkage and also replace it by our coupling plate.

Linkage control

The ELC ergo proportional control gives operators perfect linkage control from the tractor seat.
External electric controls are also available as an option to operate the linkage from the ground and control an extra hydraulic circuit (e.g. the hydraulic top link or the attachment).

Support beam

  • Optional support beam are available for FS-4 28 / 48 for extra stability and heavy-duty applications

The new top link holder

Our front linkages have a new top link holder that offers two storage positions for versatile and convenient use.
The new vertical option allows operators to attach the link to the implement single-handed or centrally on the front linkage.

All that counts at one glance

  • Either permanently installed to the tractor using attachment parts or removable version
  • Rugged design
  • Foldable lower links are close to the machine body and have Walterscheid couplers
  • Generous ground clearance
  • Interchangeable with the coupling plate
  • Support beam available for heavy-duty applications (e.g. snow plough, arable work)
  • Comprehensive level of standard specification and optional accessories

Comprehensive standard specification

  • Foldable lower links, permanently or pin-mounted for fast removal
  • Walterscheid couplers
  • Lockable pendulum compensation
  • Double-acting lift cylinders
  • Ball socket on lift cylinders
  • Tap
  • Integral clevis
  • Top link
  • Holes for retrofitting support beam
  • In-board oil lines
  • Provision for electric light socket
  • Provision for routing extra lines inside the traverse
  • Provision for electr. remote control

Each front linkage with custom configuration

  • Stands
  • Extra lines inside the traverse
  • Light socket
  • ELC ergo electric linkage remote control
  • Multifunctional valve for lift cylinders (single/double-acting, selectable)
  • Hydraulic damper
  • Support beam
  • Mounting plates for suspension springs


Additionally to the front linkage, we also offer front PTOs for various tractor types. They score with optimal power transmission and gentle start-up.

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  • Available for many popular tractor models
  • 1000rpm right-hand sense of rotation (direction of travel)
  • Separate oil supply from integral pump
  • Freely turnable stubshaft through 60° for easy driveshaft attachment
  • Convenient control from a button on the dashboard, optimised start-off speed