Specially designed for the Mercedes-Benz Unimog we offer a high-grade front loader for all loading and transport works with the POM-RX 500. Fitting brackets are available for the Unimog-Series  U200 / U300 / U400 / U500 Blue Tec 6.  

Decades of experience in front loader construction and coordination with the vehicle manufacturer guarantee the perfect construction suitable for the Unimog. As part of the Mercedes-Benz Unimog Expert-partnership, the POM-RX 500 has all the necessary clearences from Mercedes-Benz for worldwide use and dirstibution through the Unimog dealer network.

The advantages at a glance

  • Fast and simple parking of the front loader without any additional tools
  • After parking the front loader the front attachment area can be used for other devices
  • Robust loader arm profile made from fine-grained steel for highest stability
  • Well protected hydraulic lines below the loader arm 
  • Large bearings with bronze bushes for long lifetime   

Extensive serial equipment

  • Hydraulic lines up to the couplings on the front of the vehicle
  • Front mounting plate size 3 or size 5 with front loader attachment
  • Support beam fitting to wheel base
  • Hydraulic lines are mounted at the lower side of loading arm
  • Shut-off valve in the lifting line
  • Replaceable bearing bushes in all bearing points
  • Double acting lifting cylinder with changeable ball-joint bearings
  • Tandem safety valve to protect the tilting and lifting cylinder against mechanical overload
  • Switchable rapid movement valve for 2 tilting velocities
  • Quick change assembly for implements prepared for
  • Load hook, original Hauer or EURO-hooks
  • Transport securing device for driving on roads
  • Level indicator for showing position of the implements

More comfort? No Problem

  • SMS shock absorption system
  • Additional lines up to the quick change device
  • Load hook
  • Earth shovel short fitting to the vehicle
  • Rear counter weight (empty 165 kg, filled with gravel approx. 950 kg)
  • Support beam fitting to Dücker torsion frame without reduction of ground clearance