Tipping box - KM

Hauer tipping boxes are designed for the safe transport of high payloads and the loading and transporting of different piece and bulk materials. Offering a wide variety of options, the tipping box can be easily and quickly adapted to individual needs on the farm, in forestry and also in communal operations.

Transport 4500 kg and tilt up to 92°

The robust box can be tilted up to 92° up to a full payload using the tipping frame and the two side-mounted high-tip cylinders.
Therewith bulk materials can be completely emptied.
The flat ground of the box can be easily accessed with pallet trucks or other devices. The box with 3-point attachment can be used in the rear or at the front.

The advantages at a glance

  • Robust design
  • High load capacity
  • Very efficient dumping of bulk materials due to flat inside walls and a large tilting angle
  • Easily accessible flat ground
  • StVO-compliant maximum external width and depth
  • Depth of the box adapted to euro pallet size

Standard specification

  • 3-point attachment Cat. 2
  • Pendulum back wall
  • Four anchor points for tie-down straps in the tipping box
  • Reflector strips
  • Tipping box graphite grey RAL 7024 and back wall Hauer orange


  • Attachment walls 420 mm high in graphite grey RAL 7024, attached by using quick release clamps
  • Stanchions to transport logs safely, attached by using quick release clamps
  • Tool holder for long-handled tools
  • Toolbox to conveniently and safely store small parts
  • Swivel parts to move the rear flap
  • Detachable LED rear lights
  • Combined 3-point / Euro attachment
  • Multiple mount options
  • Paint finish available in all RAL colours