High Tip - Light Material Bucket - HK-LGS

The optimised shape of the bucket with the tilt cylinders in the side walls and the flat bucket
base enable an optimum loading process. The shape of the bucket is also optimised to minimise material loss or spillage. The side edges on the inside are rounded, making the HK-LGS 2 suitable for handling sensitive loads.

The high-tip light material buckets are available in widths of 2000 to 2550 mm and therefore uses the maximum external width of the StVO.

The free dumping height at the lower edge of the shovel is approx. 800 mm over the rotating point of the loading arm (varying due to attachment height / tyres of the tractor). In comparison to the standard light material bucket, it is 1900 mm higher. Even larger trailers, containers and trucks with over 4 m can easily loaded. Therefore it is ideally used for loading wood chips or grain.

Use with wheel and telescopic loaders

Because of higher system hydraulic pressure, a pressure relief valve for the cylinders has to be mounted.