Timber Grab - RZ-4.0

The Hauer timber grab consists of a grapple and a sturdy blade with a serrated edge that fixes the logs and ensures safe handling. The boom is made from hexagonal box steel and is lined with plastic sliders that minimise wear as the boom extends and retracts using self-centring technology. Extending up to 700mm and swiveling 45° to each side, it reaches even those logs that would otherwise be out of reach for the grapple. This suspends from a high-quality 4.5t continuous rotator with a special joint that ensures the rotator is exposed to pulling rather than shearing forces, avoiding the risk of damage during logging. The grapple itself is made of high-strength and fine-grained steel that gives maximum stability. All pivot pins have lubricated bronze bushings.

High durability by special joint

As rotators generally only work with longitudinal forces and not with lateral forces, the high-quality 4,5 to endless rotator is connected with a special joint to the timber grab. This means that the joint is subjected to tension but not bending, so that the tong is protected againgst damages when moving out wood off the forest.