By the application of construction principles taken from nature, completely new ideas in the area of kinematics were developed. As a result, moving and sensitive components were installed in the protected cavity of the loader arm, a previously unused innovation.


Mechanical parallel guidance of the implements has proved its worth at Hauer in our front loader construction since 1973. The special innovation of the X-Kinematic results from the fact that the mechanical parallelogram is defined by its diagonals instead of its sides. This unique feature enables construction in the smallest possible space and integration into the cavity of the loader arm.

The advantages at a glance

  • Greatest possible view on the working area due to the elimination of the outside parallel motion unit
  • Optimal protection of the hydraulic components by integration into the loading arm and cross beam
  • Highest stability given by the construction of the loading arm profile and the double-walled cross beam
  • Up to 30% more pulling force and quick dumping by reverse arranged  tilting cylinders
  • Easy maintenance due to easily accessible lubrication points
  • All components for implement change conveniently on the left side of the quick-change assembly

Extensive serial equipment

  • front guard, hydraulic lines to the original control unit, hydraulic hoses, couplings, bracket and screw set to suit the tractor type
  • quick-change assembly for implements, prepared for load hook, original HAUER or EURO- hooks
  • modular hydraulic valve block system „MCV“ protected in the double-walled cross beam profile
  • double acting lifting cylinders
  • tilting cylinder - protected by a tandem safety valve
  • replaceable bronze bearing bushes in all bearing points
  • shut-off valve in the lifting line
  • protected hydraulic lines mounted at the lower side of the front loader arm
  • adjustable level indicator
  • adjustable parking props

More comfort? No Problem

Possible additional equipment:


  • multi hose coupler Synchro-Lock, also available with integrated e-couplings up to 3 additional hydraulic functions
  • SMS – front loader shock absorber system
  • joystick operated control unit with bowden cable
  • ELC ergo – electro proportional joystick operated lever control unit
  • load hook – preparation existing
  • hydraulic locking device for implements
  • hydraulic rotating mechanism integrated in quick-change assembly, 14° left/right
  • safety package for working platform
  • additional lines for hydraulic motor drive
  • special painting for loader arm, bracket and implements
  • counter weights from 700 kg up to 2.500 kg