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Thanks to many years of experience and customer proximity, Hauer machines are characterized by outstanding practicality and the highest quality.
Our R&D-team were given the most rigorous targets when the decision to develop a new generation of loaders was made: „An even better and more efficient solution has to be found for our customers, so that they can handle their loading work with pleasure every day“.


As nature produces the
most efficient and best solutions through permanent evolution, nature was used as a template for the first time in the company‘s history. The outer skeleton of crustaceans, for example, shows that a stable outer shell offers perfect protection for all the parts inside. This allows armoured animals such as the lobster to grab in a flash and with enormous force. Following this and other natural principles, the new front loader series XB Bionic was developed. For the first step, a stable loader arm and a new crossbeam were designed to provide protection for all moving parts and control elements as well as the tilting cylinders. To make this possible, a completely new mechanical parallel guidance system was created with the X-Kinematic. With these and many other innovations the XB Bionic sets new standards for front loaders.

The huge benefits of this new space-saving design are best demonstrated by direct comparison of the loader dimensions.

With these and many other innovations the XB Bionic sets new standards for front loaders.



The special innovation of the X-Kinematic results from the fact that the mechanical parallelogram is defined by its diagonals instead of its sides. This unique feature enables construction in the smallest possible space and integration into the cavity of the loader arm.


Unlike conventional front loaders, the X-Kinematic as well as the construction of the triangular and longitudinal rockers enable the complete integration of the tilting cylinders into the loader arm.

Using this design, the tilting-cylinder function is reversed. Thus, when the working implement is retracted, the entire piston base surface is used, maximising the strength of the cylinder. On the other hand, the annular surface of the cylinder is used during tilting, whereby a faster movement can be achieved with a smaller amount of oil.

The parking props are especially robust and interlocked. This allows parking and hitching also on uneven ground, often the case in the working environment.




With the design of the loader arm profile and the double-walled cross beam a torsion-resistant construction was created, that is suitable for the toughest operating conditions. All valves and hydraulic components are located inside the double-walled cross beam. Due to that fact they are optimally protected from falling loads and forestry work.

The lever for implement unlocking and the hydraulic connections for implements are conveniently accessible to the driver, centrally on the left side of the quick-change assembly.


Optimal view of the working area!

By integrating the parallel guidance into the loader arm, the driver´s field of vision expands considerably.



The new bracket system TBS-HV is optimized for transmission of particularly large forces by the position of the fastening points and the 60 mm strong bearing bolts. Beginning with the XB 130 Bionic loader type, the new bracket
system is serially equipped with automatic locking. The unlocking is easily carried out by means of a hand lever while parking the front loader.


  • full hydraulic front loader XB Bionic with mechanical parallel guidance, front guard, hydraulic lines to the original control unit, hydraulic hoses, couplings, bracket and screw set to suit the tractor type
  • quick-change assembly for implements, prepared for load hook, original HAUER or EURO- hooks
  • modular hydraulic valve block system "MCV" protected in the double-walled cross beam profile
  • double acting lifting cylinders
  • double acting tilting cylinder, protected by a tandem safety valve
  • replaceable bronze bearing bushes in all bearing points
  • shutoff valve in the lifting line
  • protected hydraulic lines mounted at the lower side of the front loader arm
  • adjustable level indicator
  • adjustable parking props


Possible additional equipment:

  • multi hose coupler Synchro-Lock, also available with integrated e-couplings
  • up to 3 additional hydraulic functions
  • SMS – frontloader shock absorber system
  • single lever control unit with bowden cable
  • ELC ergo – electro proportional single lever control unit
  • load hook – preparation existing
  • hydraulic locking device for implements
  • hydraulic rotating mechanism integrated in quick-change assembly, 14° left/right
  • safety package for working platform
  • additional lines for hydraulic motor drive
  • special painting for loading arm, bracket and implements
  • counter weights from 700 kg up to 2.500 kg


equipment package Performance 1:
• multi hose coupler Synchro-Lock, with integrated e-coupling
• selection valve for one additional hydraulic function
• SMS – front loader shock absorber system included

equipment package Performance 2:
• joystick operated control unit mechanical
• multi hose coupler Synchro-Lock, with integrated e-coupling
• selection valve for one additional hydraulic function
• SMS – front  loader shock absorber system included

 technical data XB Bionic


technical note

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