front loader POM-VX with parallel guidance

the front loader generation

Good vision and ergonomic handling was the main focus for constructing the front loader POM-"VX“. 50 years of experience in production of advanced front loader systems, together with feedback of customers, result in optimum synergies, and thus form the basis for the front loader generation “VX”.





advanced front loader technology

The new construction is based on the stabiliser loading arm. It guarantees an optimum introduction of the forces through even distribution via the cross tube to the support braces and the rearward short connecting tubes.


A further plus:

the double bent-in loading arm profile of fine-grained steel yields particularly high resistance. The result: a perfect loading arm for toughest loading in daily operation.




Robust and durable: All bearings of the parallel guidance are equipped with replaceable bushes. The pin diameters are matched to the respective sizes of the front loaders. The ends of the lifting cylinders and the back of the loading arm are equipped with with hardened ball joint bearings. These offset torsional movements and protect the bearing points.



The hydraulic valve block system “MCV” is particularly characterized by central oil distribution and compact, modular design. The “MCV” can be expanded to maximum 4 hydraulic additional functions. The valve is mounted outside the field of vision in front of the transverse tube, protected by a steel cover.




An additional advantage of the loading arm profile: the hydraulic lines are mounted under the loading arm – protected by steel covers.  The oil supply to the “MCV” valve is by way of steel lines.




Particularly ergonomic:

The locking handle of the implement implement quick-change device – optimally positioned and automatically locking.

 POM "VX"   standard equipment

  • front loader “POM-VX” with stabiliser loading arm, including parallel guidance, front guard, hydraulic lines to the original control unit, hydraulic hoses, couplings, bracket and screw set suited to the tractor
  • quick-change assembly for implements, prepaired for load hook, original HAUER or EURO system
  • distributor valve system “MCV”
  • double-acting lifting cylinder
  • synchronised tilting cylinder, protected by a double shock valve
  • replaceable bronze bearing bushes in all bearing points
  • hardened, replaceable ball joint bearings on the lifting cylinders and on the loading arm back
  • shut-off valve in the lifting line
  • hydraulic lines mounted on the bottom of the loading arm , protected by steel covers



 types and technical data:

Suitable for all requirements:
The front loader series POM „VX“ offers nine different types and enables the optimum size of the front loader for your tractor.


technical note

Figures and details are approximate and non-binding and change slightly depending on changes in design or construction. Pictures can deviate from the standard scope of supply.
Subject to technical changes and errors!