snow plough SRS-2L

The two-blade snow plough "SRS-2L" is especially used in areas with low snow conditions and can be built on tractor with up to 100PS, where low weight with high performance is needed.
The sophisticated construction, as well as the use of high quality material and high quality production, result in an optimum balance of weights and maximum stability of the “SRS-2L”.
Only high-quality fine-grained steels are used to build the "SRS-2", and similarly only low-wear, fully hardened high-performance steel with a hardness of 450 HB (Brinell hardness) are used for the scraping edge.
The technically perfect release system of the SRS and the optimum ejection of snow are the result of long term and practice oriented development.


 mounting variants


  • attachment with coupling plate
  • 3-point linkage
  • attachment frame for wheel and farm loaders, including height adjustement

A detailed description of the different attachment variants can be found at the page of the coupling systems.






 operating principle of the SRS-system

The lower swings are kept in operating position by the snow pressures, pull-back springs and guide track rollers.
If the plough hits any small obstacles, it moves upwards and slightly backwards. In case of a bigger obstacles the SRS snow plough moves completely upwards and backwards and then back again in operation position.
The towing vehicle does not need to be stopped.

For lighter snow clearing work you can remove pressure or disconnect separate pull-back springs very easily. This causes the plough share to slide easily over any obstacles.

 standard equipment


  • plough with two blades - laterally heightened
  • SRS - plough locking
  • 4 pull back springs per plough share
  • hydraulic lateral adjustment, secured by a double shock valve
  • double acting lifting cylinders (with lowering throttle valve) - not for 3-point linkage
  • sliding plates, only adjustable per pins, with hit damper
  • pendulum compensation - lockable
  • screwed scraping edge (150 x 15 mm) from low-wear, hardened high performance steel (450 HB)
  • automatic horizontal compensation in lifted position
  • big dimensioned, replaceable side deflectors
  • parking props
  • LED lighting 12/24V
  • warning flags
  • plough sided coupling plates orig. Hauer or EURO size 3, alternative 3-point linkage
  • 4 short connection hoses with coupling halves

 additional equipment

You can adapt the snow plough "SRS-2L" optimally to your individual requirements with our additional equipment in order to make your snow clearing work more efficient.

  • snow dust shield, adjustable
  • snow deflector - rubber
  • hydraulic horizontal rotation device for clearing the pavement 14° left / 14° right
    (additional lines or directional control valve necessary)
  • sliding plates, continously height adjustable - with crash damper
  • super-elastic-wheels, continously height adjustable - with crash damper
  • rubber edge GU 200 x 40mm
  • KÜPER scraping edge S36


 types + technical data


type / width (mm) SRS-2L 2400 SRS-2L 2600 SRS-2L 2800 SRS-2L 3000

clearing width with max. inclination

2130 2300 2470 2650

plough height centre / side

850 / 1000

min. transport width with max. inclination

2270 2440 2610 2790
min. transport width without max. inclination (max. width) 2580 2780 2980 3180
max. vehicle width with max. inclination 1760 1930 2100 2280
weight with coupling plate (kg) 620 631 643 655
weight with 3-point linkage (kg) 548 559 571 583



technical note

Figures and details are approximate and non-binding and change slightly depending on changes in design or construction. Pictures can deviate from the standard scope of supply.
Subject to technical changes and errors!