snow plough DRS-M

The one-part "DRS-M" snow plough is specially designed for usage on small tractors in the municipalities and the private sector.
The snow blade is kept in operating position by the pull-back springs.


 attachment variants

The DRS-M snow plough can be delivered in following attachment variants:

  • turn-tilt plate (for self-assembly)
  • turn-tilt plate with quick-change triangle (communal, 500kg)
  • turn-tilt plate with height adjustment (for self assembly)
  • turn-tilt plate with height adjustment and attachment frame for small wheel and telescopic loaders (Technical feasability check necessary!)


 standard equipment


  • one-blade scoop, 680mm height
  • pull back springs
  • pendulum compensation
  • scraping edge screwed 120x15mm, sunk screw heads
  • hydraulic lateral adjustment with 2 cylinders, secured by a double shock valve
  • height adjustable castor wheels


 types + technical data


type / width (mm) DRS-M 1400 DRS-M 1600 DRS-M 1800 DRS-M 2000
clearing width max. inclination (with side deflectors) 1320 1405 1575 1750
scoop height 680 680 680 680
min. transport width with max. inclination 1320 1495 1665 1840
min. transport width without  inclination (max. width) 1420 1620 1820 2020
max. vehicle width with max. inclination 1010 1185 1360 1530
weight (kg) 164 174 184 194








 additional equipment


  • rubber edge GU 120x30 (mm)
  • additional remote outlets with coupling halves


technical note

Figures and details are approximate and non-binding and change slightly depending on changes in design or construction. Pictures can deviate from the standard scope of supply.
Subject to technical changes and errors!