salt and grit spreader TS-210 + TS-215

The salt and grit spreader TS-2 is characterized by a user friendly handling and a practice oriented construction. Therefore the TS-2 is a reliable partner for spreading roads, alleys and parking areas. Mounting the spreader closely to the tractor was a major target during development. This creates an optimum distribution of weight.
The TS-2 is ideally used with following material: grit, salt or a mix of both.


 construction type

Strong points of the TS-2 are the robust construction and high-quality processing. The conveyor screw and the protective grid in the body of the spreader are galvanized. The spreader box is galvanized and painted. The area around the conveyor screw is additionally reinforced. Spreading plate and deflectors are made of stainless steel V4A. The lighting of the disk spreader is made by high quality- LED rear lights.

Conveyor screw and spreading disk are operated separately by two hydro motors. Spreading volume and spreading width can be regulated by control valves. The spread pattern can be adjusted by the deflectors. A continuous rubber cover protects the towing vehicle from the spreading material.

A double acting control unit is required for operating the spreader. For operation with self loading device, two additional double acting control units are required.

 standard equipment TS-210 + TS-215

  • container zinc coated and painted
  • conveyor screw and protective grid galvanized
  • spreading disk and deflectors of stainless steel V4A
  • manual spread pattern adjustment
  • continuous rubber cover for protecting the vehicle
  • manual valve adjustment of spreading volume and spreading width
  • LED rear lights
  • parking props


 optional equipment

  • proportional steering TS-N
    Electronic operation for the tractor cabin; microcontroller with adjustable values of spreading quantity and spreading width, ON/OFF switch,
    switch for working lights (optional), and regulation of the optional electrical spreading pattern adjustment with LED positioning display;


  • pulse-depending steering TS-W
    Electronic operation for the tractor cabin  with 4,3“ TFT-colour display and button lighting; Microprocessor controls with 1GB memory, CAN-BUS connection to the spreader, USB connection for read-out and documentation of the distributed spreading material, as well as for updating the spreader software; adjustment possibilities for spreading quantity, spreading width and spread pattern adjustment,  presetting of 4 different types of spreading material, mixtures, each with 2 different presettings for spreading quantity – available at the push of a button, switch for working lights and flashing light, MAX-button for short-time maximum flow of spreading materials, possibility of integration of a GPS receiver; Standardized signal socket has to be available on the tractor!


  • electrical spread pattern adjustment
  • hydraulic self loading device
  • LED working light
  • cover

 technical data:

 type   TS-210 TS-215
 weight [kg] 500 550
 total width [mm] 2020 2020
 capacity [m³] 1,0 1,5
 spreading width [m] 1,0 bis 8,0 1,0 bis 8,0
 spreading vol. salt [g / m²] 0 - 50 0 - 50
 spreading vol. grit [g / m²] 0 - 200 0 - 200



technical note

Figures and details are approximate and non-binding and change slightly depending on changes in design or construction. Pictures can deviate from the standard scope of supply.
Subject to technical changes and errors!