front loader for UNIMOG

front loader POM "RX-500" for UNIMOG Blue Tec 6

For the new UNIMOG U200 / U300 / U400 / U500 Blue Tec 6 of Mercedes-Benz we offer an optimally suited front loader.

Make your UNIMOG mutli functional with our front loader "RX-500"!

The development in close cooperation with Mercedes-Benz garantuees a perfect construction of the front loader on the UNIMOG.

Optimally suited to the UNIMOG the "RX-500" handles loading and transport works with ease. Parking of the front loader can be easily done and only takes a few minutes. There are no additional tools necessary.
The coupling brackets are constructed in a way, that after parking the front loader, the front attachment area of the vehicle can be used for other devices.

Of course, we also offer snow clearing equipment for the UNIMOG. The snow plough series "SRS" with the technically perfect release system is the ideal partner for your winter service for your UNIMOG.

More information concerning snow plough you find here. 
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serial equipment POM RX-500

  • front loader Parallel-o-Matic POM-RX 500 with mechanical parallel guidance, hydraulic lines up to the couplings on the front of the vehicle
  • front mounting plate size 3 or size 5 with front loader attachment
  • support beam fitting to wheel base
  • hydraulic lines are mounted at the lower side of loader arm
  • shut-off valve in the lifting line
  • replaceable bearing bushes in all bearing points
  • double acting lifting cylinder with changeable ball-joint bearings
  • tandem safety valve to protect the tilting and lifting cylinder against mechanical overload
  • switchable rapid movement valve for 2 tilting velocities
  • quick change assembly for implements prepared for load hook, original Hauer or EURO-hooks
  • transport securing device for driving on roads
  • level indicator for showing position of the implements

optional equipment 

  • SMS shock absorption system
  • additional lines up to the quick change device
  • load hook
  • security package
  • earth shovel short fitting to the vehicle
  • rear counter weight (empty 165 kg, filled with gravel approx. 950 kg)
  • support beam fitting to Dücker torsion frame without reduction of ground clearance
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front loader for UNIMOG U300, U400, U500 until 2013

Furthermore we also offer front loaders for the older series UNIMOG U300, U400 and U500.

With our front loader „POM-C - UGN-FL“ your UNIMOG turns into a multifunctional vehicle.

The technical approval from Daimler-Chrysler (AB-Nr.511015) guarantees an optimum attachment of the "POM-C" on the U300 for our customers.


Parking the front loader works easily and fast. No additional tools are necessary. Locking is made through locking bolts. The ideal design of the attachment parts provides using the front mounting plate for other devices when the loader is dismounted.


We also equip the UNIMOG with snow clearing devices. The snow ploughs of the series “SRS” with the patented release system are the ideal partners for winter duty and are ideally suited for UNIMOG.
More information regarding our snow ploughs you find here.

 standard equipment POM-C - UGN-FL

  • mechanical parallel guidance
  • double acting lifting cylinders
  • quick change device
  • two dumping velocities through rapid movement valve
  • tandem security valve for tilting cylinders
  • shut off valve in the lifting pipe
  • parking props mounted on the loading arm
  • level indicator
  • exchangeable bronze bushes in all bearings points
  • hardened, exchangeable ball joint bearings on the lifting cylinders and on the loader arm at the back
  • lubrication points are easily accessible from the loader outside
  • transport securing for the loading arm

 technical data POM-C - UGN-FL

type POM  UGN-
FL 300
FL 500
  fitting to vehicle type  U300
dimensions (mm)    
A max. lifting height – implement rotating point 3310 3620
B dumping height 2510 2830
C dumping clearance 870 850
E centre front axle – implement rotating point below 2000 2165
F distance from earth shovel to centre of steering wheel 3170 3420
H centre front axle – implement rotating point lifted 1610 1580
J tilting angle (º) 45º 45°
K dumping angle (º) 41º 41°
lifting power (kg)   lifting cylinder Ø 65/40 70/40
  on implement rotating point up to maximum lifting height 1450 1650
  with pallet fork up to max. lifting height
(load centre 500mm)
1250 1485
  breaking force at the cutting edge of the earth shovel 2300 2500


Figures and details are approximate and non-binding and change slightly depending on the attachment height of the front loader and tyres of the tractor. Measures at approximately 200 bar.



technical note

Figures and details are approximate and non-binding and change slightly depending on changes in design or construction. Pictures can deviate from the standard scope of supply.
Subject to technical changes and errors!