coupling systems for snow clearing devices

Basically, we offer several different possibilites how to adapt our snow- and levelling devices to the tractor:


 attachment to the 3-point hydraulic device

This attachment system is used for the snow clearing devices series "HS" and "SRS". It is a cost saving attachment in case a front linkage is already existing.

For hard snow removal work we additionally recommend a support beam for the front linkage. The drillings for mounting the support beam are serially prepared on our front linkage "FS-4".


 attachment to the front loader

The snow and light material levelling scoop "HS" can also be attached to a front loader.

This option is not possible for multi-part snow ploughs.





 attachment to the original Hauer coupling plate

The sophisticated design of the original HAUER coupling plate is characterized by a stable construction, ideal fastening, and universal applicability. For this mounting variant it is possible to combine the attachment of snow plough with the front linkage. The basis for this universal attachment are the coupling brackets of the front linkage "FS-4".
If the coupling brackets are mounted on the tractor you can either attach the front linkage or the coupling plate.

You can fix the front linkage or the coupling plate either

  • with big dimensioned bolts
  • by screwing it on the coupling brackets.


If the attachment is technically possible, steering and pendulum of the front wheels stay the same.

Using the same coupling brackets saves costs and makes the attachment easier.
It is an ideal and economic solution.

All advantages at a glance:

  • mounting the snow plough coupling plate for winter use
  • mounting the front linkage for summer use
  • full ground clearance when the coupling plate is dismounted
  • lower costs by using the same coupling brackets


Coupling plates are available in following versions:

  • original HAUER
  • EURO size 3
  • coupling plate for foreign brand snow plough (Technical feasibility check necessary!)

Pictures of the Hauer and Euro coupling plate you find here:

 attachment frame with height compensation

When mounting a coupling plate on a wheel and telescopic loader it is necessary to equip it with a height compensation. It is necessary, if no floating position is existing for the loading arm or the loading itself is very heavy. This would result in high pressure on the snow plough and streets.

These attachment possibilities can be delivered for snow clearing devices for the series "DRS-M", "HS", "SRS-L" and "SRS".

A technical feasibility check has to be made in advance!


technical note

Figures and details are approximate and non-binding and change slightly depending on changes in design or construction. Pictures can deviate from the standard scope of supply.
Subject to technical changes and errors!