front pto

As an ideal addition to the innovative front linkage program we offer the front p.t.o.  “system Zuidberg” to our costumers. High quality processing and sophisticated technology are the characteristics of these products and guarantee endurance and reliability for many years. The product portfolio covers all established tractor types from 50 to 300 PS.



The gear housing is equipped with a wet multiple disk clutch and an integrated oil pump. Therefore no external oil supply is necessary.
The drive is equipped with the “E-con-system”.
“E-con” stands for “Easy-connection” - for easier coupling of the pto shaft, because the pto clutch can be rotated by 60 degree. This is an additional advantage of the construction because no flywheel from the drive is needed.

Turning on the front pto is via push of a button conviently from the tractor cabine.
Engaging the clutch can be operated proportionally with the electro box. Rotation speed is half of the motor speed is indicated at the tachometer on the tractor.



  • 1000 U / min clockwise rotating (in driving direction)
  • electro hydraulic operation on the dash board
  • optimally adjusting acceleration time
  • “E-con-System” for easier coupling
  • internal oil supply with pump
  • wet multiple disk clutch
  • full engine power transferable


technischer Hinweis

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