attachment systems

To achieve maximum performance with the front loader, an optimally designed, stable mounting bracket must be available.

When constructing our mounting brackets, particular importance is given to retaining the full steering lock of the wheels and the full pendular travel of the front axle.

We offer 3 different attachment systems:


The Top-Block System is the top-selling attachment system.
There are trapezoidal linch bolts and below tapered wedges on the coupling brackets on the front loader, located above. This simplifies the insertion into the bracket and establishes a stable, positive-locking connection to the bracket bolt.

Due to the special construction, the “Top-Block” system is self locking and absolutely resistant to wear.

The front loader is fixed with a large dimensioned double eccentric bolt, which can be adjusted with a notched disk.

The attachment or removal of the front loader is ensured within a short time.

the half automatic front loader coupling systen “K-II”

Decades of experience and know-how in development of attachment systems are the basis of the TOP-BLOCK-SYSTEM "K-II", which is optionally available to consisting “TOP-BLOCK” coupling systems.

When constructing the system, there was put especial emphasis on perfect technology and easy use – important factors, when buying a front loader.

This system locks automatically. Due to the spring-loaded locking device, an automatically adjusting connection with zero-backlash is established.

Optimum comfort!

The TOP-BLOCK-SYSTEM „K-II“ offers special advantages:

  • automatic locking after coupling the front loader on the bracket
  • quick release for parking the loader
  • zero-backlash connection
  • stable, self-locking TOP-Block- technology

The „Oberrahmen“ system was developed in 1967 and is since then a well established system.
The mounting bracket which is screwed on the tractor, mainly consists of two components:

  • the outer shoes with adjusting screws
  • the support wedges.

Both construction elements have their counterparts on the frame of the loader and are fixed with a double eccentric bolt. The sliding wedge can also be adjusted. Although this quick fastening has a wear-free, stable connection, the front loader can be adjusted fast and easily.