electro-hydraulic float control BDR-1.4

The electro-hydraulic float control BDR-1.4 was especially developed by Hauer for hard conditions in agriculture and winter service.

The float control is based on the interaction of intelligently used electronics and hydraulics. This system helps reducing the ground pressure of front end implements and is mainly used together with mowers, mulchers and snow ploughs.

Generally the hydraulic float control makes a significant contribution to an ideal ground pressure, greater efficiency and higher security.

With the BDR-1.4, the attached front mower or snow plough can be relieved of its weight at an adjustable proportion. This proportion is thereby transferred to the front axle on the carrier vehicle. This leads to an ideal protection of the ground, longer life times of wearing parts of the attached device, a higher traction and better tractability features of the carrier vehicle.

 construction type

  1. tractor hydraulics
  2. control unit with touch screen
  3. cable harness
  4. valve block for pressure control valve
  5. pressure accumulator
  6. lifting cylinder

The hydraulic float control BDR-1.4 can be easily refitted on existing Load-Sensing (LS) and Open Center (OC) systems - no additional sensors need to be installed or mounted.


The range for relieving weight can be adjusted continuously by a potentiometer. A digital display shows the set values. Five different values can be saved according to the individual requirements and different attachment devices. The attachment device has to be calibrated once and therewith the relieving value is saved in the control panel. These values can then be selected in the main menu.

Pressure sensors in the valve block constantly communicate the current relieving values (pressure) to the electronics. The electronics compare set points with the real value, and determine the difference and therewith control the valves on the valve block. By turning the potentiometer, the pressure for relieving weight between the carrier vehicle and the attachment device, can be adapted to the actual requirements at any time.

The main advantages of this system is that the contact pressure can be individually adjusted to the requirements of soil, plants, conditions of the road in winter service and driving speed.

In case of changing ground conditions, sensitivity can be additionally adjusted. With this setting you can control the lowering properties. The higher the sensitivity value is set, the faster the reaction of the pressure relief valve is after passing hilltops.

The pressure accumulator damps the regulation. The charging pressures of the pressure accumulator avoid the attachment or the tractor to swing.

For an ideal operation of the pressure relief valve, the relief pressure should not exceed 50% when using a snow plough and 80% when using a mower.

The advantages at a glance:

  • ideal traction of the carrier vehicle and
    therefore also a better off-road capability
  • smaller working or  traction resistance
  • protection of the sward when mowing
  • reduction of road damage
  • less wear on the scraper bar and less noise
  • easy operation by touch screen
  • easy continous operation by potentiometer
  • 5 storable device settings
  • flexibility by compact design
  • easy refitting

 technical data

electro-hydraulic float control   BDR-1.4
pressure control up to bar 5 - 220
max. operation pressure bar 250
nominal flow ltr / min 90
temperature range ° C -20° bis 100°
operating voltage V 12

Specifications are approximate and not binding - they can vary depending on the equipment. Technical data is subject to change.


technical note

Figures and details are approximate and non-binding and change slightly depending on changes in design or construction. Pictures can deviate from the standard scope of supply.
Subject to technical changes and errors!