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 Company mission statement

Our mission:

Perfect technology, continuously high quality, high efficiency,
and sustainability of our products.
Besides these advantages, we offer personal service for our customer.




laser cutting system with fully automatic 120to sheet metal stock yard

plasma cutting system with 2,5 x 14m working area

CNC lathe with bar feeder

cylinder production

welding robot III

welding robot IV

manual production

blasting plant

painting plant with conveying system

assembly hall


visual 3D measurement

company profile

Since 1962 our company has been producing innovative machines for agriculture, forestry and municipal operation.

Ongoing development,  long-time "know-how" and feed-back from our customers are the basis for our new practically oriented products.

We are always open to whishes and suggestions regarding the daily work from our customers.

Our machines are produced in our main production facility in Statzendorf in Lower Austria. The company premises have a size of 16.000 m².

The 120 employees form the backup of our company.


Maximal added value of our quality products are of central importance in order to sustain workplaces.


 sales & distribution

The distribution of our products is exclusively by agricultural machinery dealers.

In Austria this is the private agricultural dealers or the "Lagerhaus".

About 35 % of our products are exported. In 1990 the subsidiary in Germany was founded. Manufactured components from our Austrian subsidiary get their finish - blasting, coating, assembling - in the Bavarian company for the German market. Some components - e.g. of common implements are manufactured there as well.

Further distribution countries are Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland,  Iceland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourgh, Ireland, France, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, etc.

In those countries we have our general representatives or local partners.

Further information regarding sales & distribution and the relating contacts can be found at our sales & distribution page.



We especially put emphasis to robust construction, highest accuracy and efficient production processes. Modern machinery and a quality management system according to EN ISO 9001 guaruantee high-quality products for our customers.

Many components are efficiently produced by our 4 welding robots.

A laser cutting system cuts metal sheet with an adapted fully automatic 120 to sheet metal stock yard. Alternatively a plasma cutting system is used.

A CNC- controlled machining centre and high-precision lathes guarantee best accuracy and optimal quality.

The hydraulic cylinders are also from our own production.

All components are blasted with steel shot in order to prepare the surface ideally for coating.

Furthermore, we use 2-component HS coating for a resistant surface and higher longevity of our products. Additionally since 2012 we have been working with a new painting plant with conveying system and forced drying at 50° Celsius. With this system we could increase time efficiency and quality of coating tremendously.

We only use high-quality raw materials and fine grain steel with high resistance in our production processes. Exact checking of incoming goods makes sure that the flow of production processes runs smoothly and causes economical efficient work results.

The development and construction of our products is done via 3D CAD work stations of the newest generation.

Recently, we have also used our visual 3D measurement system, on the one hand for checking our parts and on the other hand for measuring whole tractor units for our CAD system for the construction of our own coupling brackets.